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iPhone Repairs and Services

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We have expanded our computer workshop, we now offer in-house repairs on all Apple iPhones such as 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S, 5, 5c, 5s , 6, 6 plus 6s, 7 and 7+. We have dedicated technicians who are able to repair or replace the smallest of surface-mount components. We guarantee that our meticulous technicians will handle your device with the care and attention it needs to ensure it is returned to you in better condition than when you requested our assistance.

if your iPhone 5C has a damaged and or cracked screen, Crawley Computer Centre will only replace both the LCD & Digitizer as they are bonded together as a sealed unit.

Some repair centres will just replace the front glass for a reduced price but the risk of permanently damaging the LCD is very high. To reduce the risk of this damage showing at a later date we will only replace a brand new bonded sealed unit, ensuring a permanent long term reliable repair.

The most common fault with iPhones are cracked or smashed screens, an iPhone screen comes in two parts:

  • The digitizer or ‘glass’ – Its the job of the digitiser to translate the touch from your fingertips into commands that the iPhone can process. Sometimes the digitiser may need replacing, its not unheard of that portions of the screen do not respond to touch.
  • The LCD screen
    The LCD screen is the main display screen.Its not only screens we repair at Crawley Computer Centre, here are some other common faults for iPhones:
  • Home Button not working;
  • Freezing, locking up or not responding;
  • Blank or black screen;
  • Headphone jack not working;
  • Volume buttons not working (or working in reverse);
  • Power button not working;
  • Microphone not working;
  • Battery not holding a charge;
  • Damaged dock and charging port;
  • Camera not working;
  • Camera virtual shutter stuck;
  • Wi-Fi not connecting;
  • Liquid damage;
  • …and much more.

We hold a stock of iPhone parts so most repairs can be completed the same day or next day. No need to book an appointment bring your iPhone in today for an assessment.