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gamerMany people make the expensive mistake of getting all the latest components for their gaming machine and actually never need to spend that much money. There is no point in buying a Rolls Royce to do a short school run. Other mistakes include not buying a sufficient graphics card to run certain games, so end up having to buy a second card to replace the one that is not fit for the job.

We can save you money!

At Crawley Computer Centre we do things differently. First we find out what games you intend playing and discuss your future needs to make sure that you don’t spend more than you have to. Our Gaming specialists not only build this type of machine all day they also spend their spare time playing all the latest games as it is their passion. So who better to ask than someone who knows exactly what you’ll need. They will advise what you should purchase but ultimately the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, they will prevent you from making costly mistakes.


Many parents come into our shop as they wish to purchase a gaming machine as a surprise gift for their children. Unfortunately they do not know what specification they need. All you need to bring with you is the names of the games you wish to play along with your budget and we will come up with the solution so the recipient is happy, and your pocket is too!

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Crawley Computer Centre is the local gaming stockist for Razer™ products. We currently hold stock for many of the most popular products requested by gamers if we dont have the item you are looking for then you can place a back order with us and we will arrange delivery or collection to ensure you get exactly what you want from Razer™. Visit our display stand in store or from our online shop.