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Smart Phone Repairs Crawley

Smart phones are like the best things phones around these days, especially in the eyes of teenagers. A Smartphone is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones. Smartphone’s typically include the features of a computer with those of another popular consumer device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), a media player, a digital camera, and GPS  navigation unit. Later smartphones include all of those plus the features of a touchscreen computer, including web browsing, Wi-Fi, 3rd-party apps, motion sensor and mobile payment.



Steps to repair and fix water damaged cell-phone:

• Remove the battery immediately and don’t just switch-off the handset. The removing of the battery is a must.
• Now dismantle your cell phone carefully. To open your cell phone you need a torx T6 size screw driver and a tweezer. Remember the steps how you opened the phone as you will have to assemble it later!
• Dry the green coloured circuit board carefully and completely. Use a hair drier or you can also dry it in sunlight or on the top of a TV or a computer monitor.
• Dry the spare parts and components carefully. Be careful with the LCD as it is very delicate.
• Clean the circuit board with spirit using a brush. This prevents corrosion on the PCB.

Now re-assemble your phone carefully and if all goes well, your cell phone should switch on without any hassles. If it fails to switch on, charge your handset and try again. If it doesn’t switch on now, luck is not on your side. You will have to get your phone repaired at a service center.

How to protect your phone from viruses:

– Always keep your bluetooth switched-off unless required. Or it is preferable to keep your handset to hidden mode unless you need it to be visible.
– by chance you have forgotten to switch-off your bluetooth, remember not to open any bluetooth messages or files sent by a stranger or an unknown source. They are most likely viruses.
– Only download content from trusted sources. Trusted sources include operator portals and other well-known websites that offer adequate protection against viruses.

– Always install anti-virus software in your phone. Do not forget to keep it updated as new viruses and threats always arise.

– Never lend your memory card to anyone. It might get infected if the person to whom you have lent you MMC has infected his phone and he/she inserts your card in his phone. Also remember not to insert someone else’s MMC in your handset since there are chances of his MMC containing a virus or malware.

How to Maintain Mobile Phone

– Protect your handset with a screen guard and if possible with a plastic or a leather cover.
– You can charge your battery anytime as against myths that you should first get it fully drained. This was when Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-Metal Hydrate batteries were used. Only ensure that you use an original and genuine battery and charger or a compatible one. Be extra cautious with all the accessories whether they are genuine or not as an incompatible one can damage your phone permanently.
– Always enable the PIN number on your SIM Card and phone lock i.e security code on your phone to prevent unauthorized use.
– Always handle your cell phone with care. Rough treatment may damage the circuit board inside, so avoid dropping or unnecessarily shaking your phone.
– To clean your cell phone, just wipe it with a soft cloth. If need arises, you can use a mild detergent to clean the caver. But see to it that the detergent does not get into the phone through the holes.
– Always keep your phone in a cool, dry place and avoid high temperature areas. Be extra cautious to protect you phone during rain.
– Also keep your phone out of reach of your children. Your data may be more important than your handset.
The information above should be of great use to you, you must have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Every Smartphone at one point will need repairing, some people can do it themselves if it’s a minor issue but sometime you’re going to need assistance. We will assist you by any means necessary with our certified technician at your service, the best Smartphone repairs Crawley.


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