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IPod’s are another one of Apple’s inventions; they have all kinds of iPod’s in different shapes, sizes and colors to fit someone. You got IPod Classic, IPod 2nd Generation, IPod 3rd Generation, IPod 4th Generation and IPod 5th Generation.

The Apple iPod had its origins in the company’s recognition, as early as October 2000, of a critical gap in the market. Apple noted that existing music players either lacked convenience or were too large and “clunky” to be of value. Steve Jobs, renowned CEO of Apple, ordered engineer Jon Rubinstein to look into the matter with a team of highly-trained specialists. The result came after extensive research and assistance from another company, Pixo, working with specifications from Steve Jobs. Not much more than a year after the project commenced, the first iPod was released on October 23, 2001. The iPod technology has been upgraded many times, with a total of five different models created for user consumption. Upgrades have been related to different aspects of its hardware or design. The first iPods, for instance, came with just five or ten GB memory capacity, whereas the most recent of Apple’s line of Classic iPods are equipped with up to 160 GB of hard-drive storage. The iPod is renowned for its user-friendly interface. The primary function of most iPod’s is music storage. The 80GB model can store over 20,000 songs with the 160GB model storing double that. The iPod supports a variety of types of audio files including MP3, WAV and others. You can download music onto your iPod or rip it from your CD’s. With an iPod, you can also store photographs, watch videos and play games. The iPod can also function as a portable hard drive. The iPod comes in five different models. The first model, now known as the iPod Classic, had unrivaled popularity from 2001 through late 2004, going through four generations before the iPod Mini was released. The Mini was sleeker, although with comparably much less memory storage, and designed for extreme light-weight portable usage. Between 2005 and 2008, Apple has released three additional iPod versions: the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch. Each of which feature different design and functional capabilities, the iPod Touch is the first to come with a touch-screen interface and wireless internet connection that features YouTube viewing capabilities.

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IPod Repairs

  • Reset the iPod. To do this, turn the iPod on and then off, push and hold the “Menu” and “Center” buttons for a slow count of 6 or until the Apple logo shows up on the view screen.
  • Retry your connection to your desktop computer using a different USB port or even a different USB cable. Many sync problems occur because the cable has been plugged into an older USB port, which does not allow fast data transfer.
  • Restart the computer that you are using to sync with the iPod. Part of troubleshooting an iPod is discovering if the problem lies with your computer.
  • Reinstall iTunes with the latest software available for iPod. Newer software may have a fix for the problem that you are experiencing.
  • Restore the iPod to its factory settings. This wipes out everything that you have put on the device, including files, settings and pictures.
  • Check the format that a song is saved in. The iPod cannot play files encoded with WMA, MPEG Layer 1 or MPEG Layer 2 formats.



  • Make sure you have the right hardware to do the things that you want to do. For example, if you want to import photos to your iPod, you will have to get an iPod Camera Connector.
  • Make sure that your computer has the minimum requirements or better to run iTunes and use an iPod. The most important component, outside of iTunes, is a USB 2.0 port, which allows the iPod to communicate with the computer faster.



IPod’s are the greatest music machines I need to get myself one, because am a lover of music, but just like every other electronic gadget IPod’s tend to give trouble and if that ever occurs that’s what we are here for, the fastest IPod repairs Crawley.