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PC Repairs Crawley

People tend to ignore when their PC is in serious need because they think that its just something simple and it doesn’t have to be attended too right away, guess what? You are WRONG! The longer you take to deal with a simple issue the bigger it gets, if am wrong speak now or forever hold your peace. PC is the sorting for “personal computer” meaning it belongs to just one owner with all the necessary information that you entrusted it to keep just between you both, its only personally on a real if you want it to be, cause you might want to share with someone else.

Ways to take care of your PC


Keep Windows Current

When you installed Windows, it gave you the option to enable automatic updates that keep your computer loaded with the latest Windows bug fixes, security patches and enhancements. If automatic updating is turned off, you can turn it on by clicking “Settings” followed by “Change PC Settings.” After you click “Update and Recovery,” click “Choose How Updates Get Installed” and select the update option that best suits you.


Secure Computer

Surprisingly, there is no guarantee that anti-virus software will protect you from attacks. This sobering assessment from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team emphasizes the importance of developing safe computing habits and keeping anti-virus software running continuously. Windows 8.1 comes with Windows Defender, a security program that combats malware to keep you safe.


Small Programs

Drivers are vital programs that make it possible for webcams, monitors, video cards, printers and other hardware devices to operate. When manufacturers release new drivers, install them on your computer. If your computer’s automatic updates are turned on, Windows installs many drivers for you automatically.


Keep It Clean

As you work on your computer, temporary files accumulate on your hard drive and may slow things down. Delete unneeded temporary and system files by running the Disk Cleanup utility. After you click “Settings” followed by “Control Panel,” type “Admin” and click “Administrative Tools.” Double-clicking “Disk Cleanup” launches the utility and gives you the option to choose the types of files you want to delete.


Improve Your Vision

Clean your monitor and you may discover how much easier it is to read on-screen text. Stay away from cleansers that contain alcohol or ammonia. Instead, spray a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and distilled water on a soft cloth and wipe the monitor gently.


Make Your Keyboard Look New

Give your keyboard a good cleaning to keep it sanitary and professional looking. Unplug the keyboard from the computer. Hold it upside down and shake it gently to dislodge large particles and debris. If you have a can of compressed air, hold it at a 45-degree angle and aim the nozzle between the keys; spray to remove residue and grime and then give the keyboard a few final shakes. Finish the job by wiping the keys with a slightly damp lint free cloth.


How to repair your PC


Download CCleaner, Spybot Search & Destroy and AVG Free Antivirus.

Install AVG Free Antivirus by double-clicking the set-up executable.

Click “Next” through the next three screens that appear and then “Finish” completing the installation.

Install Spybot S&D by double-clicking the set-up executable.

Click “Next” to begin the installation and then “Finish” to complete it.

Click the “Update” button when Spybot opens up to update the definitions.

Install CCleaner by double-clicking the set-up executable. Click “Next” twice to begin the installation and then “Finish” completing it. Click “Start> Shutdown > Restart” to reboot the computer.

Press “F8” three times at the first screen after rebooting to boot the computer into “Safe Mode.” Select “Safe Mode” from the boot options menu. Then log in as yourself.

Open Spybot and click “Check for Problems.” Spybot will then scan your computer for issues which may take up to 20 minutes to complete.

Click “Fix Problems” to remove these issues and then exit Spybot once the removal is finished.

Open AVG Antivirus and click “Scan.” Click “Complete Scan” to begin a thorough scan of your computer that may take up to a couple hours to complete but will detect any viruses and trojans present on the machine.

Open CCleaner and click “Analyze.” CCleaner will then scan your computer for unnecessary files that are using space (memory) on your PC. Click “Registry” within CCleaner and then “Scan for Issues.” Click “Fix Issues” once the scan has completed and then exit CCleaner and restart your PC and your computer will be back to normal.


Pretty simple isn’t it? nothing you cant do all on your own. But this is just for the simple repairs, if this doesn’t work then you know that you are having a bigger issue than what you think you are, and you need to get that checked out right away by a professional. That’s where we come in the fastest PC repairs Crawley.


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