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These days computers are being put in place to do everything, I don’t what else their going to make these computers be able to do a few years from now, am waiting to see though, I think we all are. Computer help to complete some of our daily task weather its business wise or personal wise. Without the computer and the internet our lives would be a little less easy, we would have to write letters instead of e-mails, we would have to use our phones to communicate all the time and not everybody has a mobile phone.

Build my computer:


Component Selection

Most commercial PC buyers do not make a big deal of which components they use. They will, of course, tell you the specs of the system, but often do not elaborate on the brands of the equipment they use. Most lower to average priced pre-built PCs use more or less generic hardware. It gets the job done, but what you get is what you get. Upgrading can be a problem for this reason. In contrast, building your own PC means you can handpick all components in your system. You can ensure you get good, name brand hardware which will have proper manufacturer support and driver support.



In general, you can get more bangs for your buck building your own PC. In many cases, you will find equally priced and comparable PCs, where one is pre-built and one would be home built. You can buy PCs cheaper than you can build them, but when you consider the hardware choices within, the price is offset in favor of home built.



Available support is a key concern for do-it-yourselfers. When you build it yourself, there is nowhere to take the PC for service. You can’t say “Here, make this work.” On the other hand, pre-built machines typically do come with manufacturer support. But, support is anything but consistent. Some manufacturers have questionable records on support whereas some are quite good at it. Having support for your PC is no guarantee of having a problem-free user experience, and it is certainly no guarantee that they will take responsibility for your PC if it doesn’t work.



On pre-built PCs, there is typically a warranty on the whole system, and in many instances, you are offered an extended service plan at the time of purchase. Home built PCs do not have full system warranties, of course, but if you buy good name brand hardware, most of the components will have warranties.



Pre-built PCs often come with much software on it, most importantly the operating system itself. The actual price of the software is pretty good, because manufacturers get great deals on this software because they buy in bulk. On the flip side, though, these PCs sometimes come with too much software, meaning garbage that you do not want and just clutters the hard drive and bugs you to buy stuff. It can be quite annoying. On homebuilt PCs, you might pay a little more for the software per unit, but you will get what you want and only what you want, plus you can set it up how you want.

Its not quite simple to build your own computer but if have a guide book or you are probably a professional because you took classes or something then I guess you can pull it off, but hey no man stands alone, if you can’t do it on your own we specialize in building computers, the bestcomputerbuilder’sCrawley.


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